Car Rental Insurance Protections in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Auto Rental Insurance Provider:

in Costa Rica the regular car rental insurance policies has been operated by the National Insurance Institute "Instituto Nacional de Seguros" in Costa Rica called "INS". Actually this insurance company is a government's monopoly institution founded in 1924. Costa Ricans and all the car rental companies do not have others insurance companies. As any other insurance company in the world the "INS" does not offer a full coverage protection program for rented vehicles in Costa Rica.

Starting the 2009 the government has approved a new insurance law that will change the actual insurance conditions in the country for the local insurance company (INS) and the foreign insurance companies that have been waiting this opportunity to put in operation their insurance products. Actually Costa Rican people are familiar about these new changes that comes with more requirements, controls and connections between the customer, the insurance operator and the government. According to recent communications these new regulations will be implemented ending this year.

Local Auto Rental Protections by Service Car Rental:

In Costa Rica these insurance protections are subject to the terms, restrictions, limitations and exclusions imposed by the local insurance company.

  1. TPL: "Third Party Liability" In legal terms the TPL it pays for damage to someone else's property resulting from an accident for which you are at fault. It covers houses, other vehicles, other properties (Bikes, Motorcycles, Bridges etc) as result of damages caused by an authorized driver with the rented vehicle. It has a deductible of 20% and it would be calculated based on the damages caused to someone's else property.
  2. CDW: "Collision Damage Waiver" It covers the rented vehicle as result of a collision. It has a deductible that starts in $1000 us dollars it amounts change depending the type of rented vehicle, vehicle's size, driver's age, rental period etc. (see Vehicle Rental Contract at the rental station) for your type of reserved vehicle.
  3. THEFT: It covers the rented vehicle as result of theft. It has a deductible that starts in $1500 us dollars and its amount varies depending the type of rented vehicle, vehicle's size, driver's age, rental period etc. (see Vehicle Rental Contract at the rental station) for your type of reserved vehicle.
  4. BIL: "Bodily Injury Liability Coverage" It pays damages for bodily injury or death of other person, resulting from an accident caused by an authorized driver with the rented vehicle for which you are at fault.
  5. API: "Additional Protection" offered by the car rental company as a zero deductible protection in case of collision or theft of the rented vehicle, it covers the deductible as result of a collision of the rented vehicle with other vehicle. Also would cover the deductible as result of theft of the rented vehicle.
  6. SLI: "Supplemental Liability" offered by the service car rental only, it covers the 20% deductible of the "TPL" protection as result of damages to someone else's property caused by the driver with the rented vehicle.
  7. VAI: "Vandalism" offered by service car rental, it covers the rented vehicle in case of damages caused by vandalism only: Windshields, windows, door locks, radio and tools.

We do accept your credit card auto rental insurance program:

  1. CDW, THEFT, VAI and its deductibles can be waived with some credit cards issued in The United States, Canada, Europe and other countries and that have a car rental insurance program. Please ask to your credit card rental insurance department whether your credit card covers insurances for a car rental in Costa Rica.
  2. EXCEPTION: The credit card insurance program does not cover the TPL (damages to third parties) they cover the rented vehicle only. The TPL "Third Party Liability" is mandatory when the customer declines on the vehicle rental contract those protections operated by the credit card companies.


Due to insurance restrictions for some type of vehicles, some optional protections listed on this page may not be available in some "Rental Stations" at the time of receiving the vehicle.

In Costa Rica the local insurance company does not cover small scratches or small dents caused to the rented vehicle during your rental period. We strongly recommend you using the insurance program provided by your credit card company to cover rented vehicles in Costa Rica, they usually would cover small damages or the entire rented vehicle in case of a collision or theft etc. For further information just contact us at any time or you may contact your local bank (Your Credit Card Provider) to verify whether your credit card has that insurance program as benefit for you.

As any insurance company in the world the providers of these protections ("INS" "Institituto Nacional de Seguros", The Credit Card companies, The Car Rental company or a Third Party Insurance Company) have more regulations for these protections. Also they may decline to cover damages (or refund money) in case of any negligence or violation caused by the drivers to the vehicle rental contract terms, the insurance policies terms and the law in Costa Rica.

All the insurance information listed on this page is intended for general information for all our customers and it does not expand coverage beyond the insurance policy and the vehicle rental contract. This information is not a policy of insurance, in the event of any conflict between the description of the benefits in this page, the policy will govern.

We are able to provide you with complete information. For additional information about car rental insurances, please contact us at any time, our representatives we'll help you with more details about your booking and insurances.

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