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We are Service Car Rental

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Our History

SERVICE Car Rental of Costa Rica, is a car rental company based in Costa Rica since 2004. Service Car Rental is a privately owned company under the corporate name G I M Internacional S. A. Stablished in 1999 in the city of San José, Barrio Amon, Costa Rica, Central America by an enterprising and young man who starts in this industry in 1992, working at the accounting and sales department and other areas of one legendary car rental company in Costa Rica.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the leading light in the Car Rentals field through
 continuous product innovation and the expansion of our distribution networks. Our ultimate goal is to realize greater people-to-people interaction around the globe.

Our Mission

Utilizing our strengths in the design and development of the world’s latest information technology, the GIM Group aims to become a major force in the Car Rentals industry in Central America. Through innovative products, effective processes, extensive worldwide marketing networks, and the recruitment of the brightest talent, we strive to achieve impressive profitability.

Where we go

Additional locations to further destinations are on the horizon! 
Service’s client commitment dictates unsurpassed customer service and excellent value for your money. A total of 5 representative offices span our services in Costa Rica today, with expansion plans for further representative offices in different Countries of Central America. Continuous development & planning ensure we keep ahead of our competitors, with movement into Tourism Industry. We are becoming a major force in the Car Rentals industry in Central America.

Yes, we are SERVICE Car Rental, a car rental company based in Costa Rica; and which you have probably already heard in many places!

It’s been over 15 years.. and they’ve been great! serving thousands of customers and many of them very good friends who have come from different parts of the world! We are proud to continue to serve with honesty and excellence to all our customers.

We would love that when you have your plans to visit our country Costa Rica, we can serve you and attend your queries of your travel and transportation needs; and any additional services that you and those accompanying you may need during your vacation in Costa Rica.

Then, let Service Car Rental of Costa Rica help you with choosing a new or late model reliable and comfortable 4 wheel drive utility vehicle or passenger car for your next Costa Rican vacation or business trip! we are an experienced, locally owned and operated, independent auto car rental company that can offer better prices, rental car selections and more vehicle pick up and drop off points all over Costa Rica.

Are you looking for a quality rental car in Costa Rica at a great price?
Check out our Car Rental Rates on different type of cars, Sedans, Utility Vehicles, Minivans, Vans and Four Wheel Drive SUVs for rent in Costa Rica.

Contact us trough our Customer Service tools on Social Media, Web Chat, E-Mail, WhatsApp number +506-8913-8900or the regular phones in USA +305-897-3718Costa Rica +506-2294-2354  and let us know about any special needs or requirements that your may have, so that we can help you make your upcoming vacation just perfect.