Costa Rica

A Brief of Our Country

Costa Rica has two coasts and with that, two cultures; on the Pacific Ocean you will find the Ticos (Costa Ricans) and on the Atlantic Ocean, especially in and around Limon, it is an English speaking; Jamaican influenced African-Caribbean culture.


Wide variety of climates

A high altitude change throughout the central part of the country offers all ranges of climates. If the desire is to experience a warm and dry climate with seasonal changes, or a jungle to still see the autumn colors in a variety of trees, then the dry forests of the northwest Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Guancaste province could be your choice. Tropical climates along the coasts to highland climates occur in all altitudes throughout the mountainous country offering the greatest variety of temperature zones; one of them surely will fit your definition of “perfect climate”.

Telecommunications in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the most advanced telecommunications systems in Latin America with telephones and fax machines all over the country and an increasing number of businesses online. To call or fax Costa Rica, dial the country code 506; cell phones now start with an 8 and landlines with a 2 before the 7 digit phone number you want to call. There is also mail service and an ample selection of courier services in San Jose.

American and European Media.

Most large hotels have cable television with U.S. and European stations. Newspapers and magazines from North America and several European nations are sold in many shops and hotels in and around the capital.

Getting Around Costa Rica

If you born in Costa Rica it is easy to get around, and if you stick with public transportation, traveling within the country can be quite inexpensive. There are bus services to just about every town and city. The quickest way to get around is driving yourself, Google Maps and Waze are smartphones Apps that guide you to get to any place allowing you to focus on the most important thing: the destiny and the experience.  If you are a tourist, your best bet is to rent a car to get around and see the country!