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Thank you for visiting Costa Rica. We would like to offer these simple guidelines to help you enjoy a safe stay with us. Like any other country in the world, Costa Rica faces the challenge of keeping both citizens and visitors safe. Avoid any problems by following these recommendations:

Always carry a photocopy of your passport that shows your photo and the date you entered the country. If you are staying near the beaches, leave the original in your hotel’s safe.

Keep your plane tickets, important documents, cash, and traveler’s checks in the hotel safe. Write the numbers of your traveler’s checks in a separate place.

Always exchange your money at a bank or at your hotel, never on the street.

Do not wear valuable jewelry and only carry the amount of money you will need for each day.

Keep valuable items you carry, such as cameras, safe. Put your wallet in your front pocket and carry your bag across your body. If you are going out at night, have the hotel receptionist call you a taxi.

Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica:

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the driving rules and regulations, road conditions, and areas to avoid. Plan your route in advance and check your maps when necessary. Remember to carry your driver’s license, passport, and car rental agreement with you at all times.

Our car rental agency recommends that you book in advance to provide you with better service when picking up the vehicle.

Child Restraint Seats:

Baby seats and booster seats are available at all locations starting at $2.99 per day. In Costa Rica, we have new traffic regulations, and these seats are mandatory for children under 12 years old.

Cell Phones:

Basic cell phones are available at all locations, with rates starting at $5 per day, including free local incoming and outgoing calls. People outside of Costa Rica can call you on the cell phone at no charge, you can call Costa Rica for an additional international charge per minute, depending on the destination country. The minimum rental period for the cell phone must be at least 5 days.

GPS Navigation System:

Additional accessories like GPS are convenient for easy access to your destinations in Costa Rica. Service Car Rental uses the most user-friendly GPS on the market, such as Garmin, with a complete map of Costa Rica. The GPS is convenient for driving in our country, as streets and avenues are not common, and people have to use landmarks as references for directions. At this point, we can say that GPS is a good additional service that you can add to your rented car in Costa Rica. The rate starts at $5 per day during the low season.