• July / August 2011, Newsletters:
    News about Service Car Rental of Costa Rica, Travel tips and Car Rental Deals for low season in Costa Rica.
  • October / November 2010, Newsletters:
    Car Rental Deals and much more for low season in Costa Rica.
  • May / June 2010, Newsletters:
    The new road to Caldera is finished and you can get Jaco beach in around 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • December / January 2010, Newsletters:
    Christmas and Summer Season in Costa Rica the high season has just started and thousands of travelers are arriving to Costa Rica
  • October / November 2009, Newsletters:
    Car Rental Deals and Discounts continue during October and November, 2009.
  • August / September 2009, Newsletters:
    In these difficult times, we are more optimist. During August and September of this year our car rental specials deals are still available for you.
  • June / July 2009, Newsletters:
    Costa Rica Destination, This season over a half a million couples have visited Costa Rica to enjoy their vacations
  • April / May 2009, Newsletters:
    In Costa Rica the season April to May is the transition from summer to winter the first days on this month started to show early signs of the times of transition to the rainy season in the Central Valley
  • February / March 2009, Newsletters:
    The Summer has arrived to Costa Rica’s territory, and is a great time to visit and enjoy the beaches and National Parks on the pacific and Caribbean coast.
  • December / January 2009, Newsletters:
    • Weather in Costa Rica through December and January, 2009.
      December seems to be better about the wheather in Costa Rica, since the last two weeks of November, the bad wheather conditions coming from the Atlantic Ocean affected Costa Rica´s territory again.
  • October / November 2008 Newsletters:
    • Weather in Costa Rica through October and November, 2008.
      At the end of the last August some hurricanes just passed away from our country, but many areas in Guanacaste and the pacific coast were affected. Recommended good deals.
    • Good car rental deals from Service Car Rental because of low season in Costa Rica…