Online Booking Terms and Conditions

Of Service Car Rental in Costa Rica

Online Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Pick up and transportation at the airport (shuttle service)
  1. When you start the rental service on arrival at the international or local COSTA RICA AIRPORT.
  2. Our company DOES NOT HAVE A COUNTER OFFICE INSIDE airports.
  3. We are located outside the airport. Our agent or representative will be waiting for you OUTSIDE the airport, at the Main Passenger Exit (Arrivals Gate) with a SLATE and your name on it.

After meeting with you at the passenger exit, you will receive your car in the parking area (to avoid the car rental airport tax) or our shuttle bus will take you to the nearest rental station, located at 2 to 5 minutes from the local airport.

  • Pick up at the hotel or another place
  1. When you take the vehicle to your HOTEL or other agreed place, our agent or representative will receive you at the reception of the hotel at the estimated rental time requested.
  2. Due to local traffic conditions, we can delay the delay of 10 to 30 minutes at your hotel.
  • Support phones
  1. Local telephone numbers: + (506) 8913-8900 / + (506) 2294-2354
  2. USA telephone: + 305-897-3718
  3. WhatsApp: + (506) 8913-8900

Upon arrival in our country, in case of any assistance or inconvenience, please contact us at the local telephone numbers. (In Costa Rica only dial the last 8 digits.

  • Car pick up / drop off service at different locations or agreed rental locations
  1. Service Car Rental offers a free pick up or drop off service in the main Costa Rican metropolitan area and the SJO airport (approximately 10 to 12 km) in rental periods of 2-3 days or more.
  2. Vehicles rented in one location and returned elsewhere to more than 12 kilometers away must be subject to a pick-up or pick-up or an interurban fare. This fee is NOT included in the balance of the reservation, it must be added with the agent at the time of taking the car.
  • Car rental insurance program Benefit credit card is welcome
  1. If you have a car rental insurance program, take advantage of your credit card to cover the rented vehicle, it is welcome to cover the rented car.
  2. It is highly recommended to provide a letter of proof of coverage (or PDF letter by email) and present it to our agent at the time of taking the car. This document can be requested from your issuing bank or credit card institution.

Most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) that are gold, platinum or higher issued in the US. US, Canada and other countries may have that benefit available (to verify that the benefit communicates with customer service, use the phone number printed on the back of your card). If you do not have a credit card insurance program or can not use it, then you must add a CDW protection plan to cover the rental car.

  • Payment options for car rental services
  1. We receive credit cards, debit cards and cash payments for the car rental service.
  2. We take the main brands of credit / debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.
  • Requirements to rent the vehicle and documents
  1. The tenant must be 18 years of age with a valid passport
  2. A credit or debit card in the name of the tenant.
  3. A security deposit (stars at $ 400 usd).
  4. The main driver and the additional authorized driver must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license from their country and driving experience.

As a normal procedure for car rental in Costa Rica, the security deposit will be verified (withheld) on the card of the tenant at the time the rented vehicle is removed and will be released after the rented car is returned according to the terms of the rental agreement.

The amount varies according to the age of the authorized driver, the type of vehicle and the coverage plan of the chosen car.

In some cases, depending on the type of vehicle (for example, some SUVs and vans) and local rental regulations, drivers must be between 21 and 23 years of age and subject to a fare for minors. Please contact us regarding your case.

  • Cancellation Policy of a Car Reservation
  1. You can modify your reservation. But changes are subject to availability and rates may change.
  2. You can cancel at any time without cancellation fee. BUT if the previous reservation is not respected or canceled within 48 hours prior to the scheduled rental date, there is a cancellation fee of $ 42
  3. In case of no-show 1 day’s rent, administration fees will be charged and, if your Rental Service requires our Express Service (Collect or Return), administrative fees may be charged.
  • Car Rental Taxes

On July 1st. 2019. The Costa Rican government imposed additional taxes to services. There fore a 13% will be applied at the time of collecting the vehicle.

  • High season in Costa Rica

Like other countries in the world, Costa Rica has busy dates for Christmas and New Year. Therefore, to better serve the requested reservation for the estimated dates of December 24. Until January 5. Our staff will reconfirm you as soon as possible, and we will notify your email that the reservation is confirmed.